(VIDEO) Want to See What an Audio Tour Is Like WITHOUT Audio on CultureSpots?

A few weeks ago, we announced (here) the end of audio being a requirement for you to be able to publish tours on CultureSpots. In case you don’t already know, CultureSpots is our mobile audio tour platform that works on all your visitors’ smartphones via the mobile Web, without any apps for them to download, and without you having to buy, build or install any new hardware or software.

Today I’ve decided to show you, rather than tell you about it.

In this short video (<2mins), you’ll see, and hear, from the perspective of your visitors’ smartphone, how great your tours can be, even without audio.

Pop in for a look and listen – here we go….

BY THE WAY, if you want to play with the demo featured in this video, go here with your smartphone browser: spts.us/demo2

Thanks for tuning in!

With love,

The CultureSpots Team

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