Why Going Live NOW and Adjusting Continually in Real-Time is SO HUGE.

Greetings Friends,
Today we want to share some thoughts on (READ: “grab your attention about”) how CultureSpots gives you the unique ability to easily post your content online and adjust that content, in real-time, as often and as many times as you like – AND, even MORE importantly, how and why that benefits you when you are running a museum or a gallery. 
In this digitized world, we are all craving authenticity more and more. This is evident in the way social media trends are evolving and the rise of Podcast Culture. For instance, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live are filled with raw content. And some of the most popular Podcasts aren’t professionally produced and “perfect”, they’re just real.
We are drawn to things that make us feel connected and a part of a meaningful experience. Being able to experience things in real time creates a feeling of inclusivity and being part of what’s happening. With CultureSpots you are able to connect with your audience in a similar way. Next time you have an artist talk, a conversation with a curator or a live performance post it immediately after the event is over so your ‘at home’ audience can experience it too.
At first glance this idea can be intimidating. Naturally anyone putting themselves out there would want things to be flawless. But we feel it’s more to your advantage to just get it out there and don’t sweat the small stuff. This way you can stay relevant and connect with your audience. And afterwards you can edit it and have it online for your audience to enjoy whenever. Being able to do this will not only allow more people to enjoy your event but you can also share it with future audiences and get them excited about being physically present at the next one. How great is that?
This ability to go live and edit along the way can come in handy in other settings as well. Sometimes you might organize an exhibition that grows and changes throughout its course. This is where you can really take advantage of going live instantly. Now you can keep up with the exhibit as it changes. So no more wishing you could go back and change something. No more worrying if people will be able to get the content and context you want them to experience. With CultureSpots you can stay ahead of all of this simply because you can publish and edit your content in real time, anytime, as many times as you want. How wonderful!
Going live so quickly gives you more relevance, timeliness, and creates a greater sense of urgency, while also giving your audience more ways to connect with you. It builds community and is a perfect way to play into social media trends. 
We hope that by adopting this stance, you’ll be even more excited than before to take full advantage of CultureSpots – and remember, share it sooner, perfect it later. THE SOONER THE BETTER! 
Sign up today and get started. If you’re already a subscriber, we would love to hear about a recent experience you’ve had with going live and adjusting along the way.
The video below shows one example of how quickly and easily you can record, edit and publish (“Go Live!”) new audio content on CultureSpots: 

Thank you, be well, and enjoy!

Cliff Stevens

Founder, President/CEO of CultureSpots


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