CultureSpots lets you tell ALL the stories!

Greetings CultureSpots family,

As you know, context is neither static nor unidimensional.  A single work of art is always layered in a multitude of contexts.  In order to understand (and sometimes appreciate) a work of art, it helps to know the context.  And in order to share stories about the context, you need to make choices.  Are you going to focus on the artwork’s aesthetic, historical, philosophical, social or cultural context?  Or perhaps let the artist’s individual, personal, familial, educational or professional aspects take the focus?

With CultureSpots you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or a few contexts.  And we understand there is not just one story to tell, but many.  Sometimes you want to share them all at the same time, or just share one, or many different ones at different times throughout the year/exhibition.  The CultureSpots platform provides you the ability to create an infinite amount of content that can coexist in digital space without taking up any of your precious physical space.

By creating several Spots for one work/item you can also speak directly to the many different audiences.  For instance, you can create audio tours that include the same artworks for kids as adults, but with content that is specific to and different for those two audiences.  And, then create other tours for even more specific audiences.  The only limits to what you can do in terms of the audiences you can speak to, and the types of stories you can share with them is your imagination, prioritization and dedication.


And since now you can create Spots on CultureSpots without audio, you can share all kinds of other types of content and information too!  Like, a documentary video about the artist or artwork, photo galleries of other works of art by the same artist, other online articles about the styles, symbols, techniques, inspirations and anything else that your visitors would love to know.

We would love to help you leverage this opportunity to share multiple layers of interpretation with your audiences.  Please reach out when you’re ready to learn more!


We look forward to working with you!

Cliff Stevens

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