If you know better, you can do better

In this day and age, words like data, insights and statistics are thrown around on a daily basis. Even though it can all seem overwhelming at times, when your job is focused on improving your organization’s service to and relationship with an audience, having access to this kind of information is vital and can be super-useful.  Anytime you’re making online content available to your visitors via their mobile phones, especially your well-researched and carefully-produced audio content, being able to know what they’re listening to, how much, and how often, can tell you a lot about what’s working for you, what’s not, and what kind of content you should be creating more and less of in the future. This in turn will make your efforts a lot easier, more effective and meaningful too.

The CultureSpots platform gives you different sets of data in two different ways. Built into the CultureSpots platform are your audio/play statistics.
These tell you in total, how many times all of your audio was played over time, and how many times each individual audio was played over time, in the form of easy-to-understand and user-configurable line charts, pie charts and tables.

CultureSpots can also provide
a monthly Custom Google Analytics Report via email that shows MANY different statistics such as:

  • line chart of unique visitors per day over time
  • total # of unique pageviews
  • line chart of unique visitors per day over time
  • total # of audio plays, stops, pauses, and skip-backs over time
  • total # of sessions by device type: mobile, tablet, desktop
  • total # of users by operating system: ios, android, windows, mac, linux
  • total # of sessions and session duration by browser: safari, chrome, firefox, ie
  • total # of users by city
  • average time on page, and bounce rate
  • unique pageviews by page, and exit rate

The best (and most fun) aspect of having access to all this data is that it allows you to do A/B testing, and then take appropriate actions based on what you learn.  A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions against each other to determine which one performs better. This way you can try out different techniques, ways of talking, length of audio, or type of information you share to see what resonates more with your audience. Or which one works better for what kind of visitors. The possibilities are endless.

All in all, the insights and statistics CultureSpots gives you access to will help you understand your visitors better and help you create better content and more engaging visitor experiences so that they will want to come back and bring their friends.  All while providing you with highly coveted audience-engagement data that you can use to stay informed and share with your colleagues, executives, boards and funders – BONUS!!!


If you are ready to learn more about all this and more, and potentially see how CultureSpots can work for your organization, please send me an email at cliff@culturespots.com


Have a wonderful day!

Cliff Stevens

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