Work smarter, not harder with CultureSpots

Usually with a new exhibition comes the desire for a new audio tour.  Of course, the process of creating an audio tour doesn’t just happen all by itself, and will require a bit of effort.  But, we want you to know there IS a way to make this process easier and less stressful, even when you’re dealing with limited time and resources.

Our tip? Reuse materials you already have at your disposal.  By this we mean doing things like extracting audio from videos you’ve already created, or link to the videos themselves online, repurpose or point to your social media content, or even articles and other media content that is available on your website or that can be downloaded from your object collection database.  The internet is a rich resource, as are the materials you’ve already got in your possession, so rather than create all kinds of new content, download, digitize, and/or link to content that’s already out there, mostly ready and waiting.

We’ve all had moments where we are writing something and we think to ourselves, “I have written this before”. Instead of recording a whole new audio to go with an object, you can pull certain parts of old audio recordings where you have longer, detailed description about something that can be pared down and added to your new audio tour in multiple, shorter, more focused Spots. Or maybe some of the objects in the upcoming show were part of a previous exhibition and you can simply reuse the audio from that archived exhibition. With CultureSpots the old Spots that are no longer “live”, are all saved in the platform’s Archives and you can make them live again or add them to a different exhibition with just a few clicks. 

At CultureSpots, we believe that ensuring your visitors enjoy the best experience possible at your museum shouldn’t be an overwhelming project or overly time consuming. We designed and built our system so that you can quickly and easily pull together whatever content is available to you and create a fresh, awe-inspiring tour for your visitors each and every time.

If you have questions about, or tips for re-using existing content that you’d like us to share, please send me a message or add it in the comments section of the blog.


Be well and enjoy your day,


Cliff Stevens
Founder, President/CEO of CultureSpots

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