Amplify Your Marketing Impact with Audio Tour Content from CultureSpots

Enabling museums and galleries to create high quality, creative and engaging mobile audio tours has always been the goal for us at CultureSpots.  But did you know that the content you create for your audio tours can also be used elsewhere as a great way to promote and generate interest in your exhibitions, events and object collections?  Here are a few interesting ways to super-charge your marketing efforts with your mobile audio tour content on CultureSpots  while keeping your audience informed of what’s happening at your museum or gallery.


One way is to add snippets of your mobile audio tour Spots to your Instagram and Facebook Stories.  Stories are popular, attention-grabbing feature that allow you to always be present in the minds of your audience.  With social media, your reach is practically limitless, and potentially hyper-targeted, so you can draw audiences of all demographics, or very specific ones, all while going where your audience already is, instead of searching for them.  And since Stories are only up for 24 hours you can really have fun with it, and plan out a whole campaign of sharing portions of your mobile audio tour Spots throughout the runup to a new exhibition or big even as behind-the-scenes, sneak peaks of what your audience can expect.


Another way is to use some of those branded, short URLs and QR codes we auto-generate for you!  You can highlight a Spot in both print and e-mail by using your links and QR Codes to reach your audiences in new and different ways.  Add them to your newsletters, ads in local newspapers and promotional posters and flyers too. It’s important to be online AND offline – you never know who you might attract.  So keep using those links and QR Codes! 


Want to hit the airwaves?  You can create a short radio ad (“PSA” – which can be free!) and include a snippet of your most popular and interesting mobile audio tour Spots on your local radio station that can highlight for listeners what they could experience when they visit!  Feel free to reach out to podcasters as well – there are a LOT of them now – and set up an interview with them or have them take a tour of your museum/gallery and do an audio review or endorsement for you. Podcasts are impactful, gaining massive audiences, and can be a surprisingly effective way to get your message out there.


And of course, always promote your tours at all your events.  Have you ever considered having a food/beverage-tasting event in your museum or gallery, and leveraging the CultureSpots platform as a way to augment their experience with real-time, guided audio while they enjoy what they’re tasting?  All while they’re enjoying your collections and exhibitions? Could be great fun! Get creative, try new sensory combinations, and always think of how you can make your visitors’ experiences more interactive, unique, meaningful and memorable, and remind them how to take advantage of it all.


There you have it!  Just a few, yet powerful ways to add your mobile audio tour content on CultureSpots to your ongoing marketing efforts, while hopefully helping you think more creatively about how to get the most out of it all.


How have YOU used CultureSpots to amplify your marketing efforts?  I’d love to hear your stories! Let me know 🙂

Cliff Stevens 

Founder, President/CEO of CultureSpots

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