Don’t Forget to Invite Your Neighbors – Whoever and Wherever They Are.

If you were to plan a massive Grand Re-Opening party at your museum or gallery, who would you invite?  Would you invite just those folks who’ve already been visiting for years, or would you try reaching out to new people who’ve never stepped foot inside before?  Would you want to do something special for them, letting them know you care, that you ‘get’ them, and that all their various interests and uniquenesses matter to you.  Or, would it be the same ol’ gang who always shows up for everything (whether you want them to or not 😉 ). 

My guess is that you’d want to throw your doors open as wide as possible and do as much as you can to make as many people feel as welcome, included and understood as is feasible.

Well I’ve got some good news for you.  First and foremost, let me relieve you of the party-planning panic and say you sure don’t need to plan a giant party – unless of course you want to.  Secondly, CultureSpots can help with everything else.

You see, we don’t just focus on giving you the easy ability to create fascinating, high quality audio tours for your museum and/or gallery; we also care about the expansion of your reach. With our mobile audio tour platform, you can speak to anyone, anywhere, anytime, using practically infinite layers of audio tour content tailored to any audience, whether they’re close by, or far away, all due to the magical reach and pervasiveness of the mobile Web and smartphones.

Have you ever wondered why people within the geographic vicinity of your museums have failed to visit, even though it might not necessarily cost them much time, effort or money?  It could vary from a fear of not belonging, feeling out of place, or a general indifference about the activities that take place there. It could be a plethora of reasons, but one thing is certain, CultureSpots has the potential to bring your museum to each of their doorsteps.

With the help of our built-in audience analytics and layering of different types of audio tour/spot content, you can produce and endlessly tweak specific tour/spot content for any audience you aim to reach.  You can create very niche/specific tours for a specific potential visitor who may otherwise not feel like the museum is the kind of place that would care about them.  Creating tours specifically for different audiences will personalize the whole experience and help them relate more easily to your object collections, events and overall mission.

Think about your neighborhood, and all the different people who live there.  Now, push that out another few hundred miles – at least, and even further. Now we’re talkin’!  Think about all the different kinds of people you could cater to with tours specifically produced for young children, teens, college and grad students, people with different ethnic backgrounds, languages, or from the perspective of different professions – history, literature, politics, finance/economics, geography – or different cultural references – media, music, fashion – or…  you get the drift, the options are endless.

These are just a few ideas on how CultureSpots can help you increase your demographic and geographic footprint. With CultureSpots, you can do it.  Let us help you get more people in the door and make everyone feel like they’re part of your neighborhood.

If you would like to talk more about what CultureSpots can do for you, and want to see it in action, how about a demo!?  Click here to set one up 🙂.  We’d love to talk with you!

Be well,

Cliff Stevens

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