Best Practices

Here are some tips to help you record quality audio, and any other little helpful tidbits we've come up with.

Audio Recording Best Practices

  • Don’t worry about speaking perfectly. Authenticity and the story is what matters most.
  • Try to impart a unique perspective, revelation, surprise, factoid, etc- something that a viewer/listener wouldn’t know or easily discover otherwise. (facts tell, stories sell)
  • Put the most important information near the beginning, expand or fill in the gaps later on.
  • Try keeping the audio under 1 minute. (typically no more than 120+/- words if scripted)
  • Unless background noise adds to the authenticity of the sound, try to record in a place where there is no background noise. And, echo is the worst enemy – please, avoid it.
  • Don’t hold the mic/phone so close to your mouth that it picks up the “popping P’s”, but not so far that you can’t be heard. Usually 6 – 12 inches away from your mouth is good.
  • No ums, uhs, likes, etc (filler words). And, no chewing gum.
  • All that said…just be real. Use your voice inflection. Speak from the heart. Let it flow. Be natural. Conversational – speak as if you were there next to listener, talking with them.
  • Reading a script is usually pretty boring.