Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to subscribe to CultureSpots?
We currently offer three subscriptions: 1) Basic Plan, 2) Plus Plan and 3) Premium Plan.  The Basic Plan comes with a hosting allowance of up to 10 active audios and is just $19/month or $199/year (15+% discount, if paid in-advance by invoice) while the Plus Plan allows you to host up to 25 active audios and is $49/month or $499/year(15+% discount, if paid in-advance by invoice).  With the Premium Plan, which is just $99/month or $999/year (15+% discount, if paid in-advance by invoice) you can host up to 100 active audios, AND an unlimited number of audio archives.  If none of these plans perfectly suit your needs, please contact us for a quote on a Custom Plan — visit our Pricing page for more information.
How do people access our mobile audio tours?
People will be accessing your mobile audio tours via their own smartphone. However, your mobile audio tours are available to anyone anywhere who has a Web browser and an Internet connection, so it could be via a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop/laptop computer too. Bottom line, there is no proprietary hardware required. All anyone needs is your pretty URL, which will be in the format of:
How do I sign up my organization for a CultureSpots software subscription?
We recommend you start with a Basic Plan — just visit our Pricing page and click the “Sign up!” button to be directed to an embedded SSL-secure encrypted payment form, where you can pay by credit card or by check.
What will happen right after I subscribe to a CultureSpots plan?
After you subscribe to CultureSpots, you will receive an email with a confirmation link that you will need to click on to confirm and activate your account. Then, you can immediately login, configure your branding and begin creating your mobile audio tours here:
What are the first steps to begin using CultureSpots for our organization?
Once you’ve subscribed and logged in, you can configure your branding, create your Spots (by uploading audio and image files), create your Tours and organize it all using the Tour Guide.  Then, you just need to activate your audio, and start telling people that your mobile audio tours exist (using wall labels, signage, brochures, pamphlets, website, social media, email, etc.) All anyone needs to have to access your mobile audio tours is a browser, an Internet connection and your Pretty URL which will be in the format of: “”.  We also provide you with downloadable QR codes that point to your pretty URLs (specific to your landing page, Tours and Spots) as well as numeric IDs so that people can get directly to your Tour’s Spots easily by either scanning the QR code or entering the ID.
What happens if we have questions during the setup process, or if we need any help?
We are available to help all hours of the day or night, weekday or weekend, via email. Please use our Contact Us page to reach out anytime. Once we’re in contact with each other, we’ll use whatever means is most appropriate for us to help you, whether that remains to be email, or via a phone call, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. We’ll be building out more support options over time too, so we appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard. For a more comprehensive approach, perhaps you’d like to consider our Turnkey Mobile Audio Tours?
What are the steps to implement CultureSpots for our organization?
The steps for implementing CultureSpots for your organization really have little to do with our technology, but are more related to your desire to 1) create content, and 2) promote it. Once you have content, meaning audio files, titles, descriptions (optional) and photos, the actual process of publishing it to CultureSpots takes very little time at all (minutes!). Once you’ve created your content, subscribed, logged in and uploaded it, organized and activated it, your mobile audio tours are “published” and you can then begin creating your wall labels, signage, printed materials, and promoting it at your location and online via your Website, social media and email. The only thing your visitors need to access your mobile audio tours is your pretty url (that you choose when you create your Admin Account), a browser (preferably on their smartphone) and an Internet connection – and optionally some earbuds. The rest is up to you and your ability to raise awareness about and promote the fact that your mobile audio tours exist.
Are there any training materials available to understand the setup process in CultureSpots?
We are going to be constantly creating training materials, mostly in the form of YouTube videos, so keep an eye on our channel here: (check back again soon…)  We will also be adding more help, how-tos and other resource pages and downloadable documents to our website too, so please keep checking back. This is an area we know we need improvement and will be working on it as a top priority!
Is there any customer support included?
Email, voice and online customer support is included and available any time, day or night, weekday or weekend. Please use our Contact Us page to reach out anytime.  Once we’re in contact with each other, we’ll use whatever means is most appropriate for us to help you, whether that remains to be email, or via a phone call, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.
How do we create audio for our mobile audio tours?
The simplest and fastest way to create audio for your mobile audio tours is to download our free “CultureSpots – Voice Recorder” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and use your smartphone to create your audio recordings. From inside our Voice Recorder app, you can either email the audio files to yourself or someone else to then upload into CultureSpots, or you can purchase a “Pro Pack” that will enable you to upload your audio directly to us from the Voice Recorder app, so that we can listen to it, edit it, optimize it and publish it for you. There are infinite other ways to create your audio too, including hiring professional voice actors via our “Ad Hoc Production Services” or finding your own through sites like Or, you can use the many other free (or paid) audio recording apps for your smartphone or tablet, or desktop software applications like Audacity, GarageBand (Mac) or Sound Recorder (Windows). These are the most common ways, but there are MANY more. Bottom line is that we provide you with the tools and services you’d need, but you don’t have to use them and are free to use anything else you choose. As for audio file upload requirements, we can accept pretty much any modern audio file format, so please let us know if you have any trouble with this regard (unlikely).
If we choose to create our audios in-house, what resources do you recommend?
…coming soon!
If we choose to have the CultureSpots team create the content for us, how does that work?
…coming soon!
How do we archive a Tour?
When you are logged in, click “Tours” on the top navigation menu, then click “Manage Tours” from the dropdown list. In the Manage Tours screen, you’ll see a table that lists all of the Tours that you have created, and if you look at the right side of the table for the Tour you’d like to archive, click on the button that looks like a moon – this automatically archives the Tour and all the Spots associated with it, and you’ll see the Tour appear further down the screen now in a separate table below the section entitled “Archived Tours”. To un-archive the tour, click the button here that looks like a sun, and you’ll see it re-appear in the Tours table above.
How do we change a Tour or specific details about a Tour (ID, photo, audio, title, description, order, etc).?
…coming soon!
How do we change the order of the Spots in our Tour?
…coming soon!
I need more help...
If you have any questions that have not been addressed adequately here in our FAQ or anywhere else on our website, please use our Contact Us page to reach out for help anytime.