Resources: Labels & Signs

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Audio Label Template #1

Client Example: The Denver Art Museum


This template comes in 6 (modifiable) versions

Template has a PSD (adobe photoshop) format.

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Audio Label Template #2

Client Example: Girard College

Template has a DOC (microsoft word) format.

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Click here to download #2

NEW!!!  (as of 3/2/2016): Here are examples of signs, labels and other materials that a few of our clients have shared with us:

Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education:

  • photo of signs on-site
  • pdf of a tour label
  • pdf of a sign
  • NOTE:  We recommend using the Branding: Pretty URL, or Tour: Pretty URL, instead of a Spot: Pretty URL in printed/online materials because though totally functional, the Spot:Pretty URL is still just going to be too long and cumbersome for your visitor.  We generally advise to always keep your Pretty URLs as short as is feasible, whether it is the Pretty URL for your Branding, Tour or Spot.  We failed to advise SCEE accordingly, and so you’ll see their use of an overly long Pretty URL in these examples (totally functional, just not necessarily optimal for their visitors).