LabelMaker for CultureSpots!

One of the ways we can improve your experience with CultureSpots is to make it drop-dead easy to design, edit and print wall labels associated with your Spots and Tours.  Our “LabelMaker” does that for you, and it is super easy to get started and use!  (and FREE!)

Just visit our contact page now to message us with your interest and we’ll get you immediate access to the LabelMaker and show you exactly how to use it.

In the meantime, check out the short “LabelMaker for CultureSpots” video  ( < 90 seconds) and ‘Getting Started’ instructions below:

Getting Started!

Here’s how to get started with LabelMaker for CultureSpots:

  1. Send us a request for access via our Contact page.
  2. We’ll provide you with a link to the LabelMaker, which is just a Google Doc with a Google Apps Script built-in to it.
  3. We’ll walk you through clicking on the LabelMaker link, making a copy of it for yourself in your own Google Docs environment and getting it set up to run, AND walk you through using it for the first time – FAST AND EASY.  (…you DO use Google Docs, right?  If you don’t, you’ll need to, if you want to use the LabelMaker.  Google Docs is free, and AWESOME!  And if you don’t, just send us a message with the names of your CultureSpots Tours for which you want labels made, and we’ll make the label documents for you as Google, MSWord, RTF or PDF documents, whatever you prefer, and then you can edit/print them at your liesure.
  4. Anytime you want to start a new LabelMaker Doc, just open it up in your Google Docs environment, refresh your screen, and you’ll see the LabelMaker document clear itself and prompt you with a dialog box to enter in the Pretty URL for one of your CultureSpots Tours.  Click OK, and the LabelMaker Document automatically generates a label for each Spot in that Tour.  Edit, download and print whenever you’re  ready.
  5. That’s it!  You can use the LabelMaker Google Doc anytime you want, as many times as you want.  It’ll be stored in YOUR Google Docs environment.